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Double Vision explores moments of synchronicity between closely released literature and film pairings. Hosted by Timothy Wilcox, Ph.D., and featuring frequent guests, each week we will explore two visions – one from each genre – and discuss moments of multiple discovery and creative distinction. Intro and outro music by York Morgan (https://yorkmorgan.bandcamp.com).

Simulated State-Created Podcast Event ft. Noah (@trycypress)

April 2, 2021

Released less than one month apart at the start of 1985 are two satires of contemporary bureaucratic and consumer life, one an American novel and the other a British film. Don DeLillo's White Noise and Terry Gilliam's Brazil each stand up as profound visions of their late 20th century moment. With my guest Noah (@trycypress), we bring these two together to question what is really going on and what hope do we have to break through the white noise and the threat of state-created terminology.